ThinkingKits / My Body Systems
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ThinkingKits / My Body Systems

Ages: 4 and up
Price: $14.00
Type: Toy, Game
By 4M Industrial Development Limited


A simple introduction to human body with 8 sets of body puzzles about different systems. Enables kids to visualize and understand the skeleton, internal organs, circulatory system, and more.

Review Highlights:

This is a great little kit for introducing young ones to body parts and the inner workings of the human body. The cute illustrations on the cards are clear and concise, and the cards are durable. The cards can be used to enhance learning when playing doctor, or simply as a quick introduction to the human anatomy for young children in a classroom setting.

There are no instructions with the cards so I invented different ways we could use the kit. Our first method was to take turns having one person read the info cards while the other would try to find the corresponding body part cards and place them in the frame in the correct order. We also tried setting the info cards aside and mixing up the body part pieces. Then we would turn one over face up in the middle and race to see who could name the body system to which it belonged. Also, instead of screaming out which body system it went to, we had to call out what it was by name. Another alteration was naming the body parts job. Some social-emotional skills can be developed playing the games. Fine motor skills, analytical skills, and visual-spatial skills are practiced. I should note that the very first thing my 10 year old noticed and absolutely loved was the handle on the box. He really liked that he could carry it around "like a project". I thought this was a nice addition myself. I also liked the nice sturdy plastic tray. The information cards are nice and big and sturdy.

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