Pawz The Calming Pup™
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Pawz The Calming Pup™

Ages: 3 and up
Price: $19.99
Type: Toy
By hand2mind


Pawz the Calming Pup is a beloved calming companion supporting social-emotional learning (SEL) and self regulation in children. With auto-adjusting lights guiding children through deep breathing patterns, they'll watch Pawz and follow the lightened prompts - inhaling when the light gets brighter and exhaling as the light fades. This interactive toy encourages children to be fully present and brings awareness to their thoughts and feelings with 3 different breath patterns: square breath, 4x4 breath and laddered breath. After these exercises, children can use Pawz as a nightlight with a variety of color choices and timer settings.

Review Highlights:

This product is brilliant! Many children need a tool to learn to breath in times of anger, frustration, or sadness. PAWZ is an ideal way to concretely instill a method of self reflection and relaxation instead of giving a child a time out or being in trouble for feeling extreme emotions at a young age. Well done hand2mind!

I liked the Mindfulness mode the best. We've done 4x4 breathing for a week now. My son loves it.

Pawz keeps my six year old calm through his waves of anxiety. It's been a staple in his support system and helps him practice deep breathing techniques when he's upset, sad, or nervous that will serve him forever. It lights up in soothing, gentle colors including green, purple, yellow, blue, and white that light up and dim to cue different breathing patterns. I've noticed this little pup has helped my son become more mindful and aware of feelings, and helps him learn to regulate his emotions as they come and go.

Pawz helps relieve anxiety for kids (and adults). It develops social emotional learning, mindfulness, and teaches children to practice breathing and self-awareness. It's also a great night light!

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