Project Mc2 Soda Pop Science
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Project Mc2 Soda Pop Science

Ages: 6 and up
Price: $24.99
Type: Toy
By Alex Brands


MC2 Soda Pop Science Kit lets future kings and queens of pop have as much fun drinking their experiment as they had learning the science behind it. Guided by an instruction booklet, you will make delicious drinks from different recipes or create your own concoctions and mix unique flavors for friends and family to try. The kit includes citric acid (2oz.), baking soda (1oz.), lime, fruit punch and cinnamon artificially flavored packages (1.5oz.), 2 test tubes, 2 test tube caps, test tube stand, measuring scoop, instructions and activity manual. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older with adult supervision.

Review Highlights:

My 9 year old daughter used Soda Pop Science and loved it!! My daughter had to measure out ingredients and carefully pour the ingredients together to prevent spills. We went through four experimental trials the first time we used the product. We had to adjust ingredient amounts in order to lessen the fizz produced, taste, and flavor. My daughter had to be extremely patient and learned that issues such as messes and nasty taste with one trial did not mean failure. She learned that it took time, precise testing, and tracking of data in order to finally get the perfect drink combination. She tested several flavors and sweetness amounts. She learned how each of the different ingredients affected the combination such as too much baking soda led to a volcano like reaction. It took her some time but she figured out that you do not need a lot of citric acid in order to make a great tasting fizzy drink. Too much citric acid made for a very tart taste. Finally, she learned that with fun comes clean up!!! Our experimenting made quite the sticky mess and that part of having fun is taking the time to properly clean up. She took great care in cleaning up so that she would be able to use the kit again and again.

I liked that this product was a SAFE experiment. I did not have to worry about harmful ingredients. Tasting was definitely a plus!! The instructions were very easy to follow. I really liked that the kit actually produced POSITIVE RESULTS and worked. This kit provided great interaction with my child.

Overall, I really like this kit. I think that anytime you can get a child involved in interactive, hands-on activities you are giving them a great gift. This product produced laughter, interaction, and great skills.

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