Roominate - Townhouse
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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

Roominate - Townhouse

Ages: 6 and up
Price: $34.99
Type: Toy
By PlayMonster


Switch on Your Imagination!™

Snap the pieces together to start your creations...if you can imagine it, you can make it! Design your townhouse vertically or horizontally, and try other things, too. Arrange the food, tools and toiletries, along with the stickers, or add your own accessories and artwork! Then, bring your creations to life with the circuits and a motor! Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.

Ages 6 & Up Contents: Wall, 5 Panels, 10 Columns, 72 Building Pieces, 2 Discs, 2 Roof Pieces, 2 Shutters, 1 Flower Box, Axle, Motor, Battery Box, 27 Food and Home Accessories, Sticker Sheet, Wallpaper Sheet, Emma Doll, Pet Pig Hodgkin, Guide

Roominate® is an award-winning and customizable line of wired building systems that inspire open-ended, hands-on play, all while showing girls that creativity and engineering are fun! Using circuits, motors and modular building pieces, girls can build and create their own unique and original structures or vehicles that can be joined together or taken apart and remade into something completely new and different! Then, they can decorate and play!

Review Highlights:

The Roominate Townhouse provides an incredible hands-on experience (for both girls and boys). My family preferred them to Legos. The interdisciplinary, problem-based approach correlates perfectly with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects. Children can build, design and even make things move with circuts and motors in their townhouse.

Children learn valuable engineering skills while designing and building a house for their doll and her pet pig. They use building pieces, circuits, and motors to create their own unique structure. This set encourages children to think creatively and experiment with different variations of their design. This building set is our family's new favorite toy. We have six daughters ranging in age from 7 to 12 and they all love this set. It is very easy to open the box and immediately start building your structure. There are many fun ideas on the direction sheet and website, but it is so easy to design your own structures that they aren't necessary. I love the amount of creativity that my children display while playing with this product. They all jump in and work on it together, so it definitely encourages cooperation as well. The doll included in the set is 4" tall, so they all grab a small doll and join in. My older girls love seeing what they can create with the motor: fan, washing machine, table saw, or elevator. The pieces are super durable too. It is easy to snap the pieces together and pull them apart again. There are so many ways that the pieces can be configured that there is always something new to be created with this play set. This product has been so well thought out and designed that we couldn't find anything that we disliked about it. The price is even great!

We absolutely loved this product! This building set takes your traditional building bricks to the next level. We will definitely be purchasing more of the sets from this product line. These building sets are very educational, but would also make great gifts too.

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