Shifu Plugo Count
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Shifu Plugo Count

Ages: 5 - 11
Price: $49.99
Type: Toy, App, Game
By PlayShfiu


Plugo Count (part of Shifu Plugo) is an AR-powered STEM gaming kit. It turns the iPad into a hands-on learning system and takes your kids through a series of story-based challenges that need to be solved with a combination of numbers and arithmetic operators. Plugo Count is suitable for kids 5 to 10 years of age.

Plugo Count comes with 1 foldable Gamepad, 1 Count Spike, 4 arithmetic operators (+ - x /), and 2 sets of digits 0-9. No Bluetooth and no electronics, the Gamepad, and Count Spike connect through embedded magnets. A help guide with step-by-step instructions is also included.

Download the free Plugo app from the App Store and play 4 STEM games with 250+ progressive levels. Select the child's grade to adjust the difficulty of the games. Kids indulge in various story-based Math activities solving word problems, timed trials, and arithmetic questions.

Plugo Count triggers auditory, visual, and tactile senses in kids and spurs their comprehension abilities, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and mathematical intelligence.

Plugo app is compatible with iPad 2017 (and above), iPad Pro (except Pro 12"), iPad Air 1st Gen (and above), iPad Mini 2 (and above), and iPhone 6 (and above).

Review Highlights:

I love that the game is a balance of tactile and screen-based learning, to help the children retain the information learned. It's a quick and easy set up, less than 7 minutes, no cords or Bluetooth connections are needed. High-quality game pieces and gamepad are included.

Plugo Count is a fun way to work on math problem-solving skills. The problems are woven into a story that unfolds before their eyes in the disguise of an interactive game.

The story-based approach really engaged my niece, whom is not a big fan of math. The combination of digital and physical "play" also helped her make sense of the concepts.

I like that Plugo works on Android and Apple operating systems.

I tested the product with preschoolers and kindergarteners in my classroom and this product is best for kindergarten aged children and older (6-11). I appreciated that the difficulty level could be adjusted in the app. It's a versatile learning platform for a wide range of ages and abilities.

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