Space Journey Subscription
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Space Journey Subscription

Ages: 4 - 10
Price: £25 for first box then £12 per month, or £85 for 6 months, £120 for 9 months
Type: Toy, Book
By Geo Journey


Space Journey is the fun way to learn about the solar system. Children start with a little astronaut kit then receive fun monthly packages through the post to learn about a new planet each time. They receive a letter from our characters Geo and Atlas who are travelling around space. They also receive photos, stickers, activities and real souvenirs including astronaut food and space glasses. It's really fun but educational too!

Review Highlights:

In Space Journey kids learn about outer space through a make believe space adventure. Students practice reading, observing, and asking questions while exploring the solar system and developing their imagination and creativity.

This product is very exciting. The minute my kids opened the package they were engaged. There was a sturdy, small suitcase in which my daughter immediately started to organize the contents of the Space Journey package. There was so much to look at. First there was a long letter to read about who Geo and Atlas were, where they had been and what they were excited about in space. The letter is the main place to find information about each place they visit in the solar system. They included things that a tourist might bring home from their own travels--photographs of the planet, a photo of themselves (on real photo paper!), the boarding pass, the space passport and mission log book. These things are sturdy, high quality products that feel important to the kids.

There is so much space to place the stickers, make drawings of what they learned about, almost like they were exploring space themselves as a tourist or astronaut. The enormous poster of the solar system is beautiful and eye-catching as well as informational, a nice addition to reference to as we learn about the solar system. The idea of a subscription is fun so the kids can expect something for them in the mail. They can imagine that Geo and Atlas are friends of theirs somewhere, sharing their adventures with them like a pen pal. We received two subscription sets in order to understand the plan of the subscription. The first set is huge since it comes with the little suitcase, Mission log book and passport, as well as the first stop's tourist like items. The second set is smaller, filled with things to add to the first set's things. For example, the Mission Log book has four pages to fill on the first stop, four for the second and so on and allow the kids to be free to put on each page what they like. They are not forced to write what the producer wants, which is so important for this age if they are to really enjoy it. However, some kids might like more direction-- which the first page of the four has that direction. Each set has photos, a letter from which to learn about the planet, stickers and tags and such. The passport is also something that is added to each set. It really gives them something to look forward to. Learning about the solar system is the added bonus from a teacher's perspective. They are learning without really realizing they are learning! Great for home school to make science more fun, or after school fun activity without the pressure of being tested on it!

This a really neat product. My 7 year old was very engaged, filling her whole mission book in one day, not even waiting for the next set to come. The stickers are colorful, interesting and child-friendly, while the pictures and ideas about the planets or stops are more life-like and seem to help the child rise up from primary colors to close-to-life. I really liked this product and would recommend it. I am really interested in the global world subscription the company produces as well!

It was very high quality and fun to open. The passport was made similar to a real passport and the photographs were real photos.

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