Tactile Turtles Math Activity Set
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Tactile Turtles Math Activity Set

Ages: 3 and up
Price: $24.99 USD
Type: Toy, Game
By hand2mind


Inspired by the sea, the Tactile Turtles Math Activity Set helps children master early math skills! This engaging math activity set provides a sensory experience as children explore counting, sorting, patterning, and more. Each turtle is made from certified 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. The set also includes 10 double-sided Activity Cards and Activity Guide to introduce early math skills to count, sort and pattern.

Review Highlights:

My 3 year old daughter loves these Tactile Turtles! We match the shapes on the underbelly of the turtles to the shapes on the cards as described in the guidebook, sort by size and color, and talk about the feel and textures of each shell. My daughter developed new vocabulary words (e.g. spikes, swirls, smooth, etc.) and really enjoyed the free play aspect of the turtles as she paraded them around, stacked them, and named them. We've begun "debating" concepts such as bigger and smaller, and we practice adding / counting.

I appreciate the multisensory, hands-on learning aspect of this STEM toy. It's engaging and definitely holds my child's attention for longer than most other toys, especially when we play together. I love the fact that the simple guide presents increasingly complex concepts to learn as my toddler grows. The activity guide definitely extends the life of this toy. This is a wonderful and colorful activity set to help build basic maths skills.

Tactile Turtles is a wonderful hands on approach to early number sense, counting, sorting, and sequencing. I really liked the environmentally conscious packaging and inside materials. The fun little turtles are made from 100% recycled plastic. This was a great conversation to have to have with 5 year old as well as my teacher friends! We practiced matching, counting and basic math with these turtles. Tactile Turtles are a simple way to introduce early math skills to children 3-5 years old. I highly recommend them!

We did lots of matching with these little turtles. My son enjoyed looking at the shapes under the turtles and matching them to the shapes on the cards. I also had him match colors and work on counting to 20 with him. The turtles are all different shapes, sizes and textures which really was great for sorting, organizing and talking about similarities and differences. This is a fun, simple way to introduce math to preschoolers.

Children learn about sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, practice matching, counting, sorting, adding/subtracting, greater than/less than, pattern recogntion, and more!

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