Tiggly Math
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Tiggly Math

Ages: 3 - 7
Price: $29.95
Type: Toy, Mobile App
By Tiggly


Inspired by the Montessori cuisenaire rods, Tiggly Math is a set of five counting toys that physically represent numbers 1-5, helping children concretize abstract math concepts. The toys interact with three engaging learning apps that encourage children to play with number relations, explore math operations, and develop their number sense.

Tiggly Math is something special:
· The first truly fun math toy that engages preschoolers in meaningful mathematical thinking
· The missing piece to the thousands existing math apps -- physical toys that deliver an interactive learning experience which cannot be replicated by tapping the screen alone.

Tiggly Math offers a learning solution that is fundamentally different from any other. We bring physical manipulatives to the digital world because years of academic research tell us that math manipulatives are essential for children’s learning. We then enhance the physical play by using digital stories and playful make believe activities to nurture children’s curiosity in math, ignite their imagination, and engage them in mathematical play.

Review Highlights:

My 4 year old boy was able to practice his simple addition skills in a real world application. He was even able to transfer his skills 10 minutes later while cooking with his mom! He loves this app!

I liked the fact that Tiggly put in multiple ways to come up with the same answer. Well done, we loved it!

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