Virtuoso Bears
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Virtuoso Bears

Ages: 0 and up
Price: $54.99
Type: Toy, Audio
By Vosego Pte. Ltd.


Introducing Virtuoso Bears with an adorable likeness to Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. Each of these cuddly pals carry 40 minutes of carefully selected tracks of sonatas, concertos and symphonies. The pre-recorded compositions can be easily switched on and off and their volume can be regulated, meeting safety requirements for babies. Volume control is important and safe for babies' ears as it enables the music to be played softly for naptime, and more prominently for wide-awake play dates. Tucked in each bear's pocket is a short educational biography of each virtuoso. Charmingly written in the first person, it shares a brief history of the composer's life, and introduces the title of every featured musical selection. Each bear is easy to operate with all functions controlled with just one button on a music device safely concealed in an interior pocket. A bonus for caregivers - the music device is easily removable, which means that the bears can be conveniently hand- washed.

Virtuoso Bears are an exciting toy series with timeless appeal that both children and adults can enjoy. They are produced to stay with the child and in the family for many years. Through early exposure to music, a child is encouraged to take up learning musical instruments in their formative years of development. This comes with multiple benefits: better motor coordination, greater capacity for memory, improved mathematical learning and increased self-confidence. Introduction to classical music at a young age is truly the best gift parents can give to their babies and there is no better way than doing it with a toy as elegantly designed as a Virtuoso Bear.

Review Highlights:

With Virtuoso Bears, lots of soft skills were practiced including listening and responding to music, responsibility/caretaking for your bear, and social skills when sharing and playing with the bear.

The classical music definitely has a calming effect. The structure, melody, and rhythm tends to relax young children and even helps babies that have a hard time sleeping. The combination of a cuddly bear with calming classical music is simply brilliant. My 12 month old loves it. He definitely falls to sleep faster when embracing it. I love that his relaxed mental state - as a result of the music and comforting bear - may help increase his language development and other learning abilities.

I liked the music and the soft material the bear was made out of. The music is different than most toys kids have, so it was a nice change. I like that you can push the button to turn the music off - great design!

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