World Structure Classic
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World Structure Classic

Ages: 6 - 11
Price: $25.38 USD/mo. (Subscription)
Type: Toy, Book, Game, Arts & Crafts
By Little World Builder


World Structure Classic is one of our architecture editions that inspires and teaches children aged 6-11 about structures around the world with hands-on activities. This is a non-building series which features open structures of the world.

Each month the child receives a world structure themed kit starting from Windmill, then Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Statue of Liberty, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Maya Pyramid and Arc de Triomphe.

Each themed kit contains 3 structure cards to collect, activity card, postcards, a 3D themed craft to enjoy, and a 3D puzzle of each themed structure to build.

1) Structure cards - There are 3 structure cards carefully researched and written, and designed to be collected to make into a structure booklet, with more structure cards collected from the following structure themed kits. The structure cards feature a local map and fun facts of the structure.

2) Builder Activities Card - This is an activity card that children would boost their knowledge of the themed structure.

3) Postcard - A postcard sent to the child from the two main characters, Hailey and Caesar about their fun moment and their experiences while visiting the structure.

4) 3D Themed Puzzle - This 3D puzzle has an easy-to-follow instruction that is children friendly. The construction method is push and slot, without any glue or scissors. This has been designed for children to gain a physical and spatial understanding of the building, most importantly to enhance the skill sets of logical thinking, problem-solving and concentration during the build process.

5) Structure Themed Craft - This is a themed craft that has been designed to further learning about the structure in the aspect of culture, history and arts curating around the architectural elements.

Review Highlights:

The Little World Builder subscription boxes employ plenty of STEAM skills! Kids will put their engineering and construction skills to the test as they work to put together their 3D puzzles. Each kit allows kids to practice their art skills and employ their creativity. Kids will also work their comprehension muscles, learning new facts as they read fact sheets.

I love the authenticity the company uses in letting the consumer know up-front exactly what they are paying for. With just about every other subscription kit on the market, you have no idea what you will get, or if it will be worth the value. This is different and the honesty is refreshing.

I am always so excited to see people turning their personal passions into tangible hands-on ideas. I love that a mom excited about architecture turned that passion into a viable business that gets a whole new generation of kids excited about architecture! What a cycle! Her belief that buildings are so much more than just stone and mortar really resonated. I love that the kits bring the stories and histories of these iconic structures to life.

The hands-on activities were well-enjoyed by my children and they were genuinely excited by the items included in our box. They were interested in learning about the Eiffel Tower and continued to tell me facts they'd learned as they worked through the piecing together of the puzzle and as they played the matching game. The visual reminders continued to spark the new information they'd read - helping them retain it. It's layers of learning - and such a neat concept.

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