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Ages: 5 - 13
Price: FREE version available, $9.99 per month, $39.99 every 6 months, or $59.99 for the year.
Type: Website, Game
By Legends of Learning


Awakening is a game-based learning world filled with fun math and science experiences. Teachers may assign experiences to learners and students may also follow grade-level based progressions.

Review Highlights:

As a former classroom teacher and homeschooling parent, I was thrilled to not only find a math game my kids want to play, but one that doesn't simply ask kids to parrot back math facts. Instead, Awakening covers a rich breadth of mathematical concepts - challenging students without frustrating them - holding them in that sweet spot of proximal development. And a SCIENCE-based game?!! I almost fell off of my chair when I found out Awakening didn't just cover math skills - but science as well. Yes! A comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, fun, SCIENCE-based game?! It's practically unheard of and fundamentally important.

I was over the moon to find something that helps my kids review the science concepts they are learning in their studies.

I loved that Awakening allows kids to be autonomous - progressing through curriculum, but in THEIR way. Allowing students to choose which activities to participate in (not to mention which subject to choose) adds to a students desire to continue playing (and learning!) The freedom and autonomy provided to students in Awakening provides for a more enjoyable learning experience. Bravo!

We loved how kids can choose between a variety of learning experiences and games while playing Awakening. From the Math and Science Rooms (where a whole host of other games become available!), to playing the game-show style game with the Quizzler, to answering questions on the Playground or kicking a soccer ball around the periodic table - there was just so much to choose from. And, it seemed like without fail, every time we logged on to play Awakening, a NEW activity was discovered and enjoyed. As a parent, I appreciate that Awakening keeps my children safe. I appreciated that no personal information is shared and that the game does not contain any chat/text features.

This is an absolutely fantastic game, and it was an honor to review it.

Awakening provides students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade the opportunity to learn, review, and encounter a full science and math curriculum. Incorporating mathematics, life science, earth science, space science, and physical science, kids learn and practice everything from introductory skills to topics they may one day encounter in high school. Math facts, patterning, counting, solving for x, money, colors, factors, multiples, area and volume, geometry, basic algebra, and place value are just a piece of some of the math skills students will be introduced to and given opportunity to practice while playing Awakening. Students will be introduced to rich scientific content - including chemistry and physics topics, properties of matter, electricity, conductivity, the scientific method, and so much more.

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