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Everyday Speech

Ages: 3 - 18 (Grades PreK-12)
Price: $24.99/mo. per teacher, or $199.99 per school year per teacher
Type: Website, Software, Video, Game
By Everyday Speech


Research shows that social-emotional learning (SEL) is crucial for children to become successful socially and academically. The majority of preK-12 school administrators and teachers understand the value of SEL and believe it should be taught to students, but they don't have access to the research-based strategies and resources they need to effectively teach SEL skills.

Everyday Speech has developed a Social Learning Platform to provide a comprehensive and engaging video-based social-emotional learning curriculum for all students, including individuals with social-emotional needs, such as those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Disorders, and Behavioral and Emotional Disorders. Everyday Speech's solutions combine research with simple and effective tools and materials for school-based professionals, private practices and organizations, and parents.

The Social Learning Platform can be used with individuals, groups, or an entire class. It works on any computer, laptop, or iPad, and runs entirely in the web browser or iPad app so there is nothing to install. Educators can also download videos for use offline so they can access their materials anywhere they go.

The online platform provides easy access to more than 1,000 resources, including hundreds of video modeling lessons, printable activities, and online games. Video modeling is an evidence-based practice that teaches social skills through videos showing someone performing that skill. With instant access to complete SEL lessons--from video modeling to printable activity sheets and discussion--teachers can spend less time searching for engaging SEL content on dozens of different websites and more time teaching students valuable social-emotional skills.

Review Highlights:

As a 20 year educator I have never seen such a well-thought-out, detailed and clearly researched tool to help in the field of K-12 SEL. This platform should be used in all schools! Our kids are slowly becoming less aware of themselves and their social world because of the cell phones. Schools don't have time or don't take the time to be clear on how to deal with issues, let alone how to take a moment to breathe or look at the situation from multiple perspectives. The young woman in the video, assuming she is the founder, is brilliant and I hope she is able to get her product into schools. This would also be a great tool for kids on the Autism spectrum as well. Fantastic website! I will spread the word!

What did I like about it? EVERYTHING! Special needs educators will love this web-based solution! The video modeling lessons were just what I needed! There are a plethora of videos for common social scenarios (e.g. going to a party, bullying, accepting consequences, etc.). I love that the beginning of each video presents the takeaways such as Self-Controller strategies and then real kids model the behavior. Peer-modeling tends to be more effective than demonstrations by adults so it's a great approach. I also like the games such as Problem Peak where students work through problematic scenarios, identify the best way to handle, rate them, suggest their own ways to resolve, and role play the scenarios. Another plus - the website is super intuitive and offers lots of companion worksheets.

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