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ExploreLearning Reflex

Ages: 6 - 12
Price: Varies
Type: Website, Software, App, Game
By ExploreLearning


Math fact fluency is the quick and effortless (automatic) recall of basic math facts. When students achieve automaticity with these facts, they have attained a level of mastery that enables them to retrieve them from long-term memory without conscious effort or attention.

Extensive research has demonstrated the critical role of fact fluency in elementary school level mathematics and beyond. The significance of fact retrieval speed is not limited simply to computation — it can enhance performance on math concept problems, word problems, data interpretation problems, and mathematical reasoning items as well.

Reflex helps students of all ability levels develop fluency with their basic math. It combines research-proven methods and innovative technology to provide the most effective math fact fluency solution available.

Reflex offers:
• Adaptivity and individualization. Continuous monitoring of each child's performance creates the optimal experience for every child.
• Intuitive and powerful reporting. Educators can easily monitor and support student progress in Reflex.
• Anytime, anywhere access. Students build fluency with Reflex anywhere there is an Internet connection.
• Fun! Reflex is game-based and highly motivational so students enjoy the learning process.
• Outstanding results. Students of all ages and ability levels make great gains with Reflex.

Review Highlights:

Reflex is an amazing product that adapts to each individual student and helps them to become more fluent with basic math facts. This product includes great characters that help guide and coach students while they play engaging, fast-paced games that help build fact fluency. Students start out with a fact fluency check to determine where they should start. Then, they play fun games to help them build their fluency. Students earn tokens, for effort and progress, that they can spend to purchase upgrades for their customizable avatar or to decorate their Progress Tree. My students found Reflex to be very entertaining and I could see them gaining fluency faster than expected. It is also very easy to monitor student usage and progress.

My daughters found Reflex to be a very fun and engaging way to build fluency in their math facts. This is a wonderful product to use with students that have dyscalculia or other learning difficulties.

Reflex is an online math program that uses games to create a fun and enriching learning experience for students in short spans of time. Reflex suggests students play a fifteen minute period each day versus long stretches to get the most out of their growth. As students learn, Reflex will adjust based on it's users' needs, providing explanations for missed sets of problems. The token system works to both encourage students to expand their mathematical capabilities and to limit play time per day (students can only earn 120 tokens each day).

In Reflex students learn and practice math facts with the goal of improving their retrieval or recall speed, which builds foundational math confidence for students to tackle more advanced mathematical concepts later in their education. A strong foundation and quick recall ability makes mathematical reasoning and problem solving so much easier for students down the road in their academic careers. The gamified aspect of the platform makes reaching math fluency so more much fun than when I was a kid!

We loved interacting with the crab! And we enjoyed each and every activity.

My son and I really enjoyed Reflex. We did the demo and it was the perfect introduction to the app. I appreciated that it was game-like and fun. He almost forgot he was doing something he really doesn't like. I appreciate that the game adapted to my sons skill level and he was given a quick heads up if he got something wrong. Thank you for letting us review this wonderful product!

The culturally sensitive avatar was a nice touch. The incentive-based motivation approach (through the use of points and a store to upgrade and outfit your avatar) was well received by my students. Setting up a class and assignments was a snap. The best part were the actual games and multilingual delivery though. You can choose the language of your student! I choose Spanish and the little crab spoke Spanish introducing me to the various games to play in the fair and island. A variety of interactive, fast-paced games (Wind Rider, Ninja to the Stars, Quick Slither, FIzz Heads, Blok Bot, and more) with a plethora of fun characters provided an initial fluency assessment for my students and sufficient practice to master the basic math skills. The games offered plenty of practice to master each math fact and often provided the right answer when incorrect, and/or required the user to try again when incorrect--ensuring a positive experience and success in every game.

An an incredibly fun way to practice and master addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Some of the games such as Wind Rider even involved strategic thinking, which made the rote memorization process a lot more fun and educational.

The teacher reports are great. They show Starting Fluency for each student, Fluency Gain, Gain per Week, how many days per week the student is using program, and the number of math facts learned. The program even alerts the teacher when student progress is a little slow.

As an elementary school teacher I sincerely believe that kids learn best through play. ExploreLearning Reflex exemplifies that experience. My students loved all the games. I loved that they were learning and practicing essential math skills in an engaging way, without any fuss.

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