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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

All Ages
Price: Free and Premium
Type: Website
By FamilyMint


FamilyMint builds financial literacy while children track their money online. They learn by doing…and have fun along the way. Children take the reins, allocate savings, set goals, and make transactions. Parents can automate allowance, encourage savings with motivating interest rates, and reward deposits for worthwhile goals. So easy and intuitive, some parents use it to manage their own money!

Review Highlights:

As a dad, saving is important to me... This site teaches the stuff kids don't get in school, or at least, when I was in school.

FamilyMint is a gold mine. It's a motivational tool, not only to track and learn about money, but it shows children what a goal really is, how it should be measurable, and realistic.

I greatly appreciate the digital allowance feature... and now I know what the kids are saving for, and spending all their money on, most of the time. I think it's opened up their eyes to the challenges of saving - a great lesson.

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