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Ages: 10 and up
Price: $59 per year
Type: Website, Software, Game
By Flowlab


Flowlab is a game creation toolkit designed to enable anyone to get started designing and building their own games quickly, with no programming background required.

Game mechanics & logic can be created using the built in visual logic editor. Art and animations can be created using the included sprite editor.

Flowlab runs in a web browser , so there is nothing to install, and it works great even on Chromebooks, and can be accessed from anywhere.

Finished games can be exported as iOS, Android, or Desktop apps and sold on the App or Game stores.

Review Highlights:

Teachers can use Flowlab to introduce students to game-designing and programming. Students learn how to create their own video games through a flowchart rather than strictly coding, and can design multi-level games. I found that my students were able to get started fairly quick because of the flowchart style of Flowlab and video tutorials. It's challenging but still an easier approach for eager learners as far as game-design courses go.

Even if you don't have experience programming, you can use this. My kid is interested in game design yet hasn't done coding yet, but Flowlab is "flow-based" and equipped with video tutorials that showed him how to get started. He has always loved video games, and learning the behind-the-scenes aspect makes him even more excited. Now he can say not only does he play video games, but designs them too!

Great for kids interested in game design. It's a wonderful introduction to the mechanics behind their favorite video games, and they can easily share their creations - and even sell them. We highly recommend this product!

Children learn and practice game design, decision-making, logic, sequencing, analysis, comprehension, creativity, and more!

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