Happy Numbers
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Happy Numbers

Ages: 4 - 11 (PreK-5)
Price: $12.50 per student per year
Type: Website, Software, Game, App
By Happy Numbers


Happy Numbers currently reaches over 300,000 students, 40,000 teachers and 2,000+ schools in all states across the United States.

Happy Numbers helps PK-5 teachers differentiate instruction and deepen students' conceptual understanding of math.

The product is driven by pedagogy, while supported by technology (and not vice versa). We teach students to think math with elements such as visual modeling, virtual manipulatives and multiple representations of math concepts to give students the opportunity to explore the meaning behind math, creating connections and developing deep conceptual understanding.

Happy Numbers is learner-led, at the same time, integrated into the classroom routines to not be disruptive. While teachers differentiate in small groups, Happy Numbers differentiate with the rest of the class, and gives teachers actionable insights about student growth.

Research shows that college and career readiness lives or dies in elementary classrooms. Only 1/3 of US high school students are ready for college math. Those who lag behind their classmates by 8th grade, have been on this clear trajectory since kindergarten. To complicate the daunting challenges, at the beginning of each school year, teachers are faced with the complexity of preparing for a diverse group of new students, and need to gauge how to individualize the instruction to ensure their success. On top of this, teachers need to make sure their plans meet rigorous standards for all students.

Happy Numbers is the only solution on the market that is designed with these challenges in mind and built upon core principles that enable the teacher to provide individualized math and focused learning in a small-group setting.

Our foundation pillars are centered around the following:

Differentiating instruction
Happy Numbers is built on the foundation of connecting concepts, rather than teaching them as stand-alone exercises. Students work with multiple interpretations, for example when learning about whole numbers, students will encounter counting sequences, cardinality of a set, names of points on a number line, the result of measurement and results of operations.

Promoting conceptual understanding along with procedural efficiency
Happy Numbers isn't one of those "all-singing, all-dancing, no learning" resources. Instead, we teach students to "think math." Hands-on modeling, a variety of manipulatives, and exposure to multiple representations help students create connections and build meaning behind the math.

Supporting learners
The experience for the learner is based on a growth mindset and students are intrinsically motivated by the progress they make. Errors made learning are positioned as opportunities to learn rather than mistakes. Positive feedback is important, but hardly effective if it is not supported by giving students the possibility to try new strategies when they are stuck.

No student is bored or over-challenged with Happy Numbers. Our placement test ensures everyone starts off at the right point. Ongoing scaffolding unpacks new learning gradually -- the way you would. Instant feedback helps students correct mistakes and progress without interrupting you.

Once students are placed according to their needs, Happy Numbers provides ongoing monitoring based on student inputs. Those performing below grade level receive remediation, and those performing above grade level receive accelerated challenges. We support ELL students and emerging readers with audio voiceover in English and Spanish.

Partnering with educators
Happy Numbers takes just 10 minutes to set up. The result is a year-long math station that adapts itself in response to individual student progress -- it continually meets the changing needs of your students, without taking precious time.

Happy Numbers provides data to inform your instructional decisions. We provide insights to help you form learning groups, monitor individual student progress, and get a snapshot of your class as a whole. So you are in control of the progress on closing gaps by low achieving students, progress through the grade level content by on-grade level students, and your advanced students are not left alone.

We've learned a lot over the years after spending considerable time with teachers and students in the classroom. It comes down to spending the time in the classroom interacting with teachers and students, so at the end of the day, we are getting it right.

Review Highlights:

From counting and matching (PreK) to division of fractions and word problems (Grade 5), Happy Numbers helps students develop a deep understanding of math and acts like a virtual assistant for teachers enabling differentiated instruction with ease and powerful individualized student tracking/reporting. It's a powerful and effective platform to supplement any math curriculum. You can create multiple classrooms, assign practice based on specific standards, and there is even an adaptive placement test that consists of 20 multiple-choice items for each grade level that ensures students focus their time on developmentally appropriate concepts right out of the gate.

I loved that this detailed resource can be used across multiple grade levels and for multiple classes! The individualized tracking for each student is a fantastic way to monitor usage and progress at a glance!

I love that the questions and lessons are highly visual and colorful, the modules scaffold, provide multiple interpretations and representations of each concept allowing students to approach math from different perspectives for optimal understanding, and that errors are handled as opportunities to learn rather than "error sound" mistakes. Our students seem to enjoy the platform as well. The presentation of the math itself kept the students engaged and learning, which is a huge win!

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