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Ages: 8 - 12
Price: Free to play with monthly membership options
Type: Website, Software
By Herotainment, LLC


Herotopia is a fun and educational online world where kids create their own superheroes and travel around the world to play and learn. You can decorate your very own secret hideout, go on special missions, adopt pets called Smighties, and have lots of adventures in this fun kids virtual world. Herotopians can team up to fight the Supervillains, earn exclusive rewards, and together play hero games for kids including the popular, Smighty Trading Card game! Herotopia is a fun, safe, and free virtual world for kids.

Review Highlights:

The children learn to take care of their virtual animal friends while learning about ways to take care of our physical planet. There were lots of interesting factoids that the children encounter while they battle the evil Bully bunch.

The game is cute. My game tester enjoyed playing the game, even though she said that it was a little young for her. Most of the minigames would be suitable for the 5-10 year old crowd, but at 12 it was just a quick diversion.

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