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Ages: 3 and up
Price: Varies. $12 per month
Type: Website, Game, Software
By LiteracyPlanet


LiteracyPlanet is a gamified learning platform that offers more than 15,000 interactive areas covering pre-reading, phonics, sight words, reading, spelling, comprehension, grammar and punctuation. It's designed to remediate, support, or accelerated English language skills. It's aligned to all major US states' guidelines and provides a rigorous, thorough approach to English literacy learning.

Review Highlights:

Literacy Planet covers all English language skills - reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, punctuation, writing, phonics and sight words. Lessons can be assigned individually or to groups of students, and grade can be set by student. Diagnostic tests are available to make sure the student is practicing at their appropriate level.

The screens in the product are colorful and engaging, and the topics chosen for reading are of interest to school age kids. It is easy to assign lessons or groups of lessons to students through the teacher interface. The teacher dashboard also makes it easy to see progress made by students, add custom spelling lists, and manage classrooms. If you are looking for a comprehensive English language skills program this would be a good choice.

LiteracyPlanet allows children to work on their own level and at their own pace. The visuals and game aspects are very engaging. Teachers/parents can create custom spelling lists and assign other tasks to the students very easily.

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