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Ages: 5 - 11
Price: $450.00
Type: Website, Software, Mobile App
By Lighthouse Learning Studios Ltd.


Trusted and endorsed by thousands of schools in the US, Lumio is a new digital teaching resource that tackles the toughest topics in Common Core math.

The Lumio team began designing high quality educational apps to give a deeper, richer learning experience in 2013. Due to popular demand, Lumio launched its schools subscription product in 2015 which includes all of the maths activities from the apps and additional features such as user profiles and progress syncing.

Hundreds of interactive maths problems are available online in a web-based product and as an iPad app. The Lumio classroom subscription works on all platforms and provides rich instructional materials with individual teacher and pupil logins.

More than 1 million maths problems have been solved so far with Lumio!

Review Highlights:

My kids really love to play with the geometric shapes. They were tickled to have a virtual version of them. So was I!

My daughter learned about place value and basic addition/subtraction in a pretty interesting way with the pipe problems. The addition/subtraction in venn diagrams really encouraged her to think outside of a normal workbook problem. Both were very neat ways to work on those basics AND get some algebric pre-thinking going on.

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