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Ages: 5 and up
Price: $18 USD (price decreases as number of licences increases)
Type: Website, Software, App
By 3P Learning


Mathletics is a captivating online math learning space providing students with all the tools they need to be successful learners, both in the classroom and beyond. Powerful courses aligned to state-based standards including the Common Core, TEKS and MAFS, from Kindergarten through High School - matched with dynamic tools and reporting for teachers. Mathletics supports and caters to each teacher's unique blend of student-driven learning and teacher-led instruction.

The student experience includes age-appropriate learning spaces to motivate and captivate. Students have access to a range of learning resources including activities, eBooks and videos to support their own learning. Learning content is grouped by topic, making student-driven learning easy. The teacher experience follows a natural design flow to align with how teachers use Mathletics in their class, whilst placing curriculum activities at the core. Diagnostic tools put data at the teacher's fingertips and dynamic results provide an immediate snapshot of the latest student progress. Furthermore, powerful diagnostic tools provide data around the spread of students' achievement within a group. The teacher console also includes advanced planning and scheduling of content to help save time. Mathletics gives teachers the power to meet the diverse needs of their classroom and guide students in their next level of learning.

Review Highlights:

Mathletics is exactly what it claims to be: a thorough, fun, and engaging course in mathematics that draws kids in and allows for endless replay. It's flexible, fun, age-appropriate, and colorful.

Mathletics is ideal for students who benefit from extrinsic motivation, which is particularly helpful for students who dislike math. The platform uses rewards, certificates, games, and live competitions to engage students and make learning the content more fun.

I loved the fact that you could create your own courses (using provided content) for each classroom. You can re-order topics, and even rename both topic and course headings. The alignment to Common Core was particulary helpful as well. The content is solid and my students enjoyed the program. The pre- and- post tests made diagnosing individual student needs easy. I also applaud Mathletics for their charitable giving through UNICEF.

I appreciate the fact that the Mathletics app can be used offline. We used it while traveling over the summer. It kept my son engaged on long car rides and helped him avoid the summer slide.

The Live Mathletics feature, where students compete with their peers around the world, is simply awesome! Competitors are matched by skill level, not age or location, so games are relatively fair. I loved that it presented opportunities for further cross-curricular learning about the country of the competitor, which you could choose. As a parent I also appreciate that competitors cannot communicate directly and student information remains anonymous.

Mathletics was obviously designed by educators interested in thoroughly tracking their students' progress. After children plug in and work, an administrator can immediately gather data on the students knowledge in a particular skill set. The new updates in assessment, content and reports further benefit the educator as well. Although I like these elements about Mathletics, what I really like is how the new "flipped" classroom theory is addressed. Mathletics Conceptuals have introduced fantastic short videos used to open up or support a specific topic in the classroom or even at home. I really like the illustrations and information in the ratio video. The "cartoonesque" writing works well for the eye to follow while the voice is offering pertinent information about the topic at hand. This is a very useful tool for teaching math.

The ability to compete internationally against peers and compare performance is a brilliant feature!

The adaptive curriculum motivates students with an effective reward system and provides plenty of practice to master concepts. The help option offers step-by-step instructions how to solve a problem, which was particulary helpful for my students. It is an excellent supplemental curriculum.

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