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Ages: 3 - 9
Price: Free trial; $49.95/mo.
Type: Website, Software, Game
By Blake eLearning


Mathseeds is a comprehensive online mathematics program for children aged 3-9. It offers a huge range of carefully structured lessons and activities that build mathematical skills over a broad range of number, shape and measurement topics. The Mathseeds program is packed full of enjoyable child-focused activities that makes learning a rewarding and meaningful experience. It teaches fundamental concepts in a fun, motivating and engaging way, whilst rewarding children for their efforts.

Review Highlights:

With Mathseeds, you practice early math skills: counting, ordering, adding, subtracting, problem-solving. It starts at a Kindergarten level and works up to a third grade level, so a child can advance at their own pace. During the trial period, we were able to work through some of the Kindergarten level, which we treated as review for my kids, who are at a first and second grade level. At a first grade level they will learn how to count to 100, order numbers, learn place value, add and subtract larger numbers, learn early multiplication, skip count, and learn to read a clock. These are the lessons we are working towards.

I like that Mathseeds is easy to follow and advance through. For a younger child, it has prompts on what to do next and will show them which button to hit to continue on to the next lesson. The lessons are fairly quick to work through. We used our tough screen laptop, which made it easy for the kids to interact with the program. I like that the product is fairly affordable.

My 4 year old daughter LOVED it. It was engaging, colorful, and fun while practicing math skills. It moved very systematically from one topic to another and felt pretty intuitive. She asked every day to play it and would keep working as long as I was able to help her. She liked the songs and the variety of games. My 5 year old liked playing it too.

I loved that the students are placed accordingly based on their prior learning. Each new lesson begins with an interactive and colorful animation and it's modelled in an entertaining way. What's fantastic about this program (besides the lovable characters, catchy songs, and sounds) is that it teaches multiple strategies, presenting the same content in different ways. Students learn to use and apply each new skill in a variety of situations promoting deeper learning and understanding of numbers and number concepts.

My students enjoyed working their way along the path maps. It created an intuitive and structured course of action that allowed them to move to the next lesson at their own pace. I also really liked the math worksheets that correspond with each lesson. It makes homework assignment a breeze!

My child and I had a wonderful, educational experience with Mathseeds. The game started with a short assessment to find out his current understanding of math and then went on from there. The mini lessons were taught by cartoons so needless to say my son was glued to the screen and listened to each and every word. After the lesson he was presented activities to find out how well he understood the concept of a square (he's 3 years old). He learned through identifying shapes through words, music and clicking on correct shapes. Although we did not gather enough acorns to play arcade games or build our avatar, my son was very interested in doing so and wanted to play again. I highly recommend this website to develop your child's mathematic skills.

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