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Ages: 3 - 6
Price: $59.95 for a 12 month subscription
Type: Website
By Blake eLearning


Mathseeds is a fun and motivational online mathematics program where children aged 3 to 6 learn the core math and problem solving skills needed for success at school. The program is developed the Blake Elearning due to customer demand for a maths program after the success of our Reading Eggs program. Mathseeds was created by educators with over 25 years experience.

Compatible with PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablet devices, Mathseeds takes children through a carefully structured sequence of math lessons brought to life with vibrant animations, cute characters, catchy songs, playful sound effects.

Children learn best when they are having fun and Mathseeds aims to make learning math skills easy and enjoyable for every child. The program is highly interactive and engaging with lots of activities, rewards and games that encourage young children to stay focused and learn.

Key Features:
- Includes 50 maths lessons that travel through 10 exciting maps. Each lesson has more than 10 activities plus a book, a pet and golden acorn rewards.
- The first 20 lessons cater to children who are just starting out. Children learn and count numbers 0 - 10. They also learn to identify 2D shapes, colours and concepts of size.
- Lessons 21 - 50 introduce children to addition with a variety of counting strategies to add to 10. They also learn to identify simple shape patterns and 3D objects. Measurement concepts are also introduced.
- There are also over 70 activities in the Playroom, where young children play with numbers, shapes, patterns, number books and can listen to 10 great songs.

How a Lesson Works

Introduce and model the concept

Each lesson begins with an interactive animation, led by one or more of the five key characters. Each new concept is modelled in a way that is both entertaining and educational. The child then completes a wide range of activities where they practice the new skill in different ways. These lessons are carefully paced using a range of short, playful activities that engage children as they build confidence in their newly acquired skills.

The activities

Nine different activities follow on from the main lesson. These activities present the content in many different ways so that children learn to use and apply each new skill in a variety of situations.

The e-book

Each lesson ends with an e-book. The book reinforces the concept that has been taught in the lesson. These books are an entertaining way to ensure that children understand the language of mathematics. The book can be read independently or children can listen to the narration as they read along.

Motivation and Rewards

Children earn golden acorns on completion of every lesson and activity. These golden acorns can later be spent on a variety of items for their tree house or personal avatar. Children are also rewarded for their efforts with a cute e-pet that hatches from an acorn and becomes part of their online collection. Each e-pet is unique and children love watching the funny animation that introduces their new pet.

At the end of each map (5 lessons), children complete a multiple-choice quiz to assess what they have learnt. If they pass, they are rewarded with a certificate that can be printed out as a reminder of their success and achievement. We will be releasing a new map every month!

Review Highlights:

My child and I had a wonderful, educational experience with Mathseeds. The game started with a short assessment to find out his current understanding of math and then went on from there. The mini lessons were taught by cartoons so needless to say my son was glued to the screen and listened to each and every word. After the lesson he was presented activities to find out how well he understood the concept of a square (he's 3 years old). He learned through identifying shapes through words, music and clicking on correct shapes. Although we did not gather enough acorns to play arcade games or build our avatar, my son was very interested in doing so and wanted to play again. I highly recommend this website to develop your child's mathematic skills.

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