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Pixton EDU

Ages: 7 and up
Price: $99/annual subscription
Type: Website, Book, Arts & Crafts
By Pixton Comics Inc.


Pixton EDU is a web-app that gives teachers and students a unique way to create stories, demonstrate learning, and enhance writing assignments — in any subject — through digital comics.

Comics are an ideal medium for writing because kids already love them, and their structured nature encourages ideas to be distilled into concise elements in a logical sequence. Users can explore topics in Math, Science, Social Studies, History, English, Art or any other subject. Choose images from popular content, books and movies like The Hunger Games or The Outsiders, plus other topics like the solar system, black history or the environment — all Common Core aligned.

No drawing skills are required. Pixton EDU levels the playing field with hundreds of preset characters, backgrounds, outfits, poses, and even emotions, all just a click or tap away. Comics can be made and shared in no time, making the classroom experience fun and memorable.

Review Highlights:

Students will love PixtonEDU. It's a clever way to teach storytelling and build writing skills.

PixtonEDU has a very simple drag and drop interface, so you can create comics panels in minutes. It is really easy to set up a classroom environment for students to create their own comics to collaborate and submit through the site. The graphic nature of the site will be very appealing to many students who will engage with this more than they would a simple writing assignment.

Students practice writing and reading and explore subjects across the curriculum. It's innovative, and provides a lot of opportunities to create inventive content and use the imagination. Pixton was started by a husband and wife team and you can tell it was born out of a love for learning.

Students learn how to build their own comics through a drag & drop web editor. They practice building a story using both visuals and text. I think students would benefit the most when it's used in a small group setting as it may get a bit chaotic in a large classroom environment. Students may get distracted/overwhelmed by the amount of choices for small details such as eyebrow styles, etc. But, it definitely makes writing and building a story easy and fun.

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