Science Bits
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Science Bits

Ages: 11 - 16
Price: $49.95 - $119.45 per year
Type: Website, Software, Printable Curriculum
By Science Bits


Science Bits is a repository of multimedia science lessons designed to fire up your science class. It is a new instructional science resource designed to foster educational practice through supporting teacher immersion in the constructivist model and in the use of IT in the classroom.

Science Bits lessons include all the elements of a complete 5E constructivist learning process, from engaging students to evaluating them, using high quality multimedia interactive content. They also have a homogenous structure designed from a social constructivist perspective. They adhere to an inquiry based model and emphasize skills development.

Science Bits offers a wide variety of affordably priced annual subscriptions that provide teachers, schools and families with engaging ways to help students succeed in science learning.

Review Highlights:

Wow! Science Bits is a Science teacher's dream. There are too many good things to say about this ed-tech tool to cover in this comments section, but what I will say is goodbye textbooks and wrote memorization and hello to scientific exploration and discovery!

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