Secrets of the Heart™ TV
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Secrets of the Heart™ TV

Ages: 4 - 8
Price: $89.00
Type: Website, Videos & DVDs, Book
By Dream A World Education, Inc.


Secrets of the Heart™ TV is a web-based interactive learning platform for ages 4-8 that takes children on a journey of self-discovery as they learn to explore arts skills, world culture, diversity and the universal values that live within them. Over 27 weeks, children, families and teachers receive weekly lessons delivered by a diverse team of professional artists and animated characters who teach music, dance, theatre, drumming, puppetry, American Sign Language and more. The program includes e-books, mp3s with supporting songs, and activity worksheets in English and Spanish.

Since 2008 Dream A World Education, Inc. has delivered arts-based, social-emotional learning to over 40,000 families and children in early elementary grade levels, in underserved public schools across Los Angeles. Secrets of the Heart TV™ is designed for family or classroom use.

Review Highlights:

Secrets of the Heart TV is an online enrichment program for classrooms and homeschools that teaches social-emotional learning (SEL) and cultural diversity with arts programming including music, dance, theatre, visual arts and puppetry. Students also learn American Sign Language (ASL) signs and explore the world's cultures and traditions. Developed by Dream A World Education, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, and based upon the Young Masters Little Wisdom® books and music popular in Montessori schools, the program is designed to give kids a deeper connection to the world in which they live and expore their own unique gifts. The idea is to prepare children for the ever-changing world while reinforcing important social skills such as sharing, kindness, gratitude, courage, imagination and creativity.

Secrets of the Heart TV is a subscription service that offers weekly videos, downloadable worksheets, ebooks with MP3s and curriculum guides. I love how the program starts out with a Parent Orientation encouraging participation in a family art project - creating a vision-board collage that reflects the family's future hopes and dreams. This is a such a great idea especially with all of us reflecting on the year and our futures.

This arts-based social emotional-learning (SEL) program is perfect for online classrooms and at-home learning. It's inspiring, eye-opening, multisensory, embraces differences, builds self-esteem and just what the world needs right now. Each webisode is approximately 15 minutes long with 20 minute homework assignments including reading, discussions and worksheets. Students visit new locations around the world (e.g. Brazil, Israel, Italy, Greece) in each webisode/pre-recorded workshop. Students learn art forms, vocabulary words, ASL signs, and experience the music of Thailand, the drumming circles in Ghana, theatre arts of Mexico, etc. Worksheets are provided in English and Spanish and there is a lot of guidance for parents/teachers to help with each lesson. The curriculum is aligned with the California Arts Standards, National Core Arts Standards, Common Core Standards for language, CASEL Core Competencies and Social Justice Anti-Bias Standards.

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