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Ages: 2 - 7
Price: $4.99/month or $49.99/year (free 7-day trial)
Type: Website, App, Software, Book
By Speakaboos


Speakaboos is a digital storybook platform that motivates children to read, explore, and discover stories they love based on their interests. Our custom and ever-growing library is designed around high-interest categories that feature stories with rich illustrations, animated characters, and touchscreen interactions that bring favorite and new stories to life, support comprehension and keep children engaged while learning. We are a multi-platform subscription service that delivers educational, entertaining, interactive stories to children. Speakaboos can be enjoyed on computers, tablets, or mobile devices at home, on the go, in schools, or in libraries.

Review Highlights:

This app is such a great resource for parents and teachers. It makes it so easy to find a book that children will love. With searchable high-interest categories from princesses to dinosaurs to robots, Speakaboos has plenty of interactive storybooks for young readers. I really appreciated that they took the time to make the books searchable by Lexile Level (lower scores reflect easier readability and lower reading ability for readers).

Storytime just became interactive! The kids were so engaged and excited to read the stories. I love that the multiple reading modes (read to them, read along with highlighted words, and read alone) allow students to grow with the stories, scafforlding the reading levels, gradually shifting the learning process and control to the student. I particularly liked that the words were pronounced when clicked. Many of the books offered animations (where characters talked or moved) and included games. It really made my students want to read more.

This interactive storybook library is a must for every early reader. With plenty of high interest, low reading level options the platform easily helps struggling readers build reading confidence and a love of reading.

I'm a mom of bilingual kids. I loved that some of Aesop fables were offered in Spanish!

What a surprise when I heard Anthony Bourdain reading the Three Little Pigs!

The interactivity and animations where characters speak definitely deepens the child's understanding. It helps kids begin to think from different points of view and brings added meaning to the words, leading to foundational lower-level thinking skills. Engagement is also increased as a result, which excites kids to read more. It's a brilliant combination of technology and storytelling.

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