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Ages: 18 and up
Price: Free Platform | $39.95 per test kit
Type: Website, Software
By Tests.com


Too often, advancement is influenced by who you know, what you look like or some other bias. We help people advance based on merit, specifically helping them to pass their high-stakes tests.

We have been a Member of the Association of Test Publishers since 2009.

Why is our test prep material so good?

1. Professional Grade Test Prep Materials - Our testing library was written by certified subject matter experts with a goal of preparing you to pass the first time with a higher score.

2. Transparency of the Exam Writers - Our practice exams identify the team of authors who wrote them. If you're comparing test prep, do you know who wrote their material?

3. Simulate Actual Test Conditions - We use the same content outline, question types and time allowed as the actual exam. Our questions are some of the most difficult and varied you can find, complementing any study materials you are using.

4. Easy to Use Testing System - Study using our online interactive test platform and track your performance. Tailor your tests to fit your study needs. Includes an optional Study Mode setting that explains the answers as you go along. Can be used with smartphones, Ipads and other devices.

Review Highlights:

Tests.com provides a variety of resources whether you're in high school studying for the SAT, or prepping for your career to become an electrician, real estate agent, massage therapist and more, there are countless tools to help get you ready for your next big test. They offer test prep and test taking tips too, as well as a free flash card template the user can create to study from to ensure you get the most out of your experience. As a nursing student, I am so glad I came across this website because I can use it to prep for the TEAS test.

As a tutor, I love using tests.com to help my clients prepare for their exams; I found this site a few years ago and have been using it ever since. My math students use it to create sets of flashcards to study off of, and then we move onto the math practice tests. Here, you can select to either grade your answers as you move through the test or wait till the end. You can also opt to complete one question at a time, which is great for students who get overwhelmed. Once you choose the right answer, it will explain how the problem was solved. This resource really aids my teaching skills as a tutor to help my students become as prepared as possible.

Tests.com offers lots of resources available for a wide range of subjects. The test directory is comprehensive and offers tons of recommendations on where to find test prep materials. The free cognitive tests are excellent for introducing students to the types of questions they will encounter on intelligence tests such as the CogAT, NNAT, OLSAT, WISC, WPPSI and more. The site also offers free career tests and even K-12 state achievement practice tests!

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