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Ages: 11 - 18
Price: $9.99
Type: Website
By Adaptive Curriculum


Uzinggo - online, interactive Math and Science software - was designed for middle and high school students to use at home to dramatically improve their grades in school. Based on the award-winning Adaptive Curriculum Math and Science curriculum, Uzinggo uses real-world scenarios and stunning game-like graphics to engage students and make learning fun. A built-in gaming platform rewards students for their increased knowledge, and a parental-monitoring function allows parents and guardians to view their children's progress. Uzinggo's content is based on proven teaching techniques and research, and the strictest of state and federal standards to which schools are accountable. For more information visit

Review Highlights:

Uzinggo is a remarkable website and learning platform. It's the gamification of education combined with real-world scenarios - it brings meaning to difficult concepts in an interactive and comprehensive program. The online service is also affordable at $9.95 per month. The High School edition (covering Math and Science) teaches standards-based concepts such as the Pythagorean Theorem (visually explained including the history of Pythagoras), Venn Diagrams (using flyers to mail while running a business), Simple Interest (by choosing the best interest rate at a bank) and many others. The audio and text driven program is a standalone user experience requiring little administration help from teachers. The assessments provide opportunity for reflective learning and offer solution review so students truly understand incorrectly answered questions. The report feature allows teachers and parents to monitor progress easily. Students are even incentivized to wins Zings that can be used to donate items (such as planting a seed to feed the hungry, or provide a whole day's worth of fresh water to villager in Africa), play games, and win free stuff - even Amazon gift cards. As a former high school math teacher I am thoroughly impressed and wish I had this program while I was teaching.

Uzinggo is an online program to teach middle and high school math and science using "adaptive technology" and gamification. Students can follow "ZingPaths" to earn Zings, points, and badges, thus motivating students to complete more of the exercises by creating a game-like atmosphere. The program adapts by giving feedback for wrong answers and allowing one or more chances to select a correct answer. In all the activities I reviewed for math, a lecture was followed by some kind of practice activity. Additional activities and practice that could be printed were found at the bottom of the activity screen. Math activities were extremely structured.

All the activities I reviewed for science began with a "real world" type problems which the content knowledge could help solve. Some of the activities mirrored actual science experiments and allowed for some flexibility in how the experiment was carried out. Others were more structured.

The complete content of any module would take 30-90 minutes to complete according to the overviews of the material and I wondered how middle and high school students would have that kind of time to complete the work on top of regular homework if this website were used as tutoring. On the other hand, Uzinggo could serve as a main curriculum for middle or high school students who were homeschooled or completing independent study within a school. Each module has extra activity and practice sheets which could be used for additional practice. The assessments were multiple choice and the student would need scratch paper to complete those for math. I think a scratchboard area would be useful for students who wanted to do all of the work online.

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