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Ages: 6 - 18
Price: $0 - $129.99
Type: Website, Software, Game
By MindFuel


Wonderville supports the journey of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) teaching and learning through a dynamic online space featuring curriculum-aligned resources and educator tools to inspire youth to become tomorrow's problem solvers and innovators. With over 220 interactive games, videos and activities, Wonderville is designed to help students learn and teachers teach. These resources are based on real-world problems that ask students to think critically, ask WHY, and develop inspired solutions. We fuel curiosity.

Wonderville was first launched in 2002. Over the years, it has evolved and grown from being a source for science content to a dynamic space for STEM learning. In Spring 2016, the site was re-launched with a new look and format along with a suite of educator tools that align with curriculum, track performance, and allow for customizable, personalized teaching and learning.

Review Highlights:

Scientific thinking was learned and practiced in many areas, particularly environmental. Listening and observation skills were developed and needed for the videos and games, as well as for the experiments.

I loved the CSI and fingerprint lessons. There were interesting and have scope for everyday use/fun. There is a good selection of videos for children to watch and games for them to practice their knowledge. Being able to build lessons to fit each class was a nice touch. The live events added interest and kept learning current and relevant.

This is a great resource for parents and homeschoolers to access for free. I am going to work some of the videos, games, and experiments into our homeschool over the next year as they will integrate nicely with what I have planned.

This is an innovative site with some fabulous things to learn.

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