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Woot Math

Ages: 8 - 12
Price: $8.99/student (FREE for 2015-2016 school year)
Type: Website, App, Software
By Woot Math


Woot Math is a hands-on approach to teaching fractions for 3rd - 7th grade. It is a researched-based math supplement designed to build genuine number sense and conceptual understanding of fractions. Fractions are hard. Woot Math makes it possible for students to truly master fractions the most common barrier to algebra success.

Woot Math automatically generates and assesses thousands of standards-aligned problems to meet each student's personal needs. The application interweaves these problems with short, tailored instruction that provides genuine differentiated instruction that has been authored and carefully reviewed by master classroom teachers and leading math education researchers. And it works: with a grant from the National Science Foundation, Woot Math was able to demonstrate efficacy and that its adaptive capabilities had significant impacts on learning outcomes.

* Intuitive and interactive experience that students love
* Highly engaging, hands-on digital manipulatives
* Adaptive engine that generates and assess thousands of standards-aligned problems
* Personalized, research-based, carefully constructed instruction
* A rich teacher dashboard that provides detailed reports on student progress by topic or standard
* All student work is captured and available for offline review, reports, and further differentiation
* Supported on the iPad and Web platforms (laptops, netbooks, or desktops)
* New - additional support for projection of problems onto interactive whiteboards (Woot Math Interactive)

Review Highlights:

My 2nd grader learned fractions in a way he never thought of them before.

I love the Teacher Dashboard, where I can see student progress and how well they are understanding the concepts. I wish they would teach more concepts, other than fractions! I wish Woot Math had addition, subtraction, etc..! They should definitely expand!

Fractions and decimals are the focus of this program. I love that they start small, so every child understands, and moves up in a page tailored to each child. The teacher can view each child's progress and see what they have mastery in, or what they need more help with.

This is a powerful product. I wish Woot Math taught other math concepts as well!

I have 3 children that I homeschool that are going to continue using this program. I have one son that is 7 and he had fun trying to figure it out. Another son is just barely starting fractions and really liked the program. He said, "Woot math is so fun because when I was done with a page it would say 'Woot' like it was cheering me on!" My daughter who is 12 is learning decimals and adding fractions. She started at the beginning and thought it was a bit boring. When I encouraged her to keep going she ended up up learning a concept that she was struggling with a couple of weeks ago because she could see it visually! Woot Math was perfect for them. It was easy to set up an account. I also liked that it was free, but I would also pay for a program like that. The visual learning was so nice for my children.

It does a good job of presenting manipulative-type pictures to explain the concepts. Students learn fraction operations - a critical skill, and one that is difficult for many students to understand.

It addresses all the common core standards involving fractions. It uses all the new methods used in common core that are difficult to find in some materials. It helps students visualize fractions and understand them. Students can use the drawing tools or the variety of models as virtual manipulatives.

This is an extremely helpful tool for helping students visualize and understand fractions. As a tutor, I have had a hard time finding supplemental materials that incorporate all the various models used in common core but Woot Math had these tools. It is the only resource needed since it includes the various models and addresses all the common core standards for fractions.

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