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YourMathGuru - Rewarding MathGurus for providing MathHelp to MathHelpSeekers

Ages: 8 and up
Price: Free
Type: Website, Software, App
By YourMathGuru, Inc.


YourMathGuru.comŽ would like to welcome you to our Social Learning website where both the people who need math help and the people who are interested in providing it meet on our "Cyber Courtyard".

YourMathGuru.comŽ is the online haven for both the troubled math learner, and the acute math genius, and everyone in between.

Here you can submit a problem and get it solved by anyone who is a member.

You can also share stories, articles, columns, news, teaching methods -- Everything Math!

There are incentives (very nice incentives) for those who help others learn math, and the more you help, the more rewards you get.

It is exactly as the real world is in the many fields such as science and technology, where the highest paid jobs belong to the more skilled numerical scientists.

This online haven is a microcosm of all that.

YourMathGuru.comŽ adores Math and intends to convert as many people as it can from hopeless Math haters to rewarded Math lovers -- and eventually MATH GURUS!

And for those who are already Math Gurus, maniacally obsessed with problem solving, lol, this is the place to be.

You will get rewarded in 3 ways:
A. The joy of helping others.
B. The joy of problem solving.
C. The joy of winning prizes.

So spread the word to your friends and families:
YourMathGuru.comŽ is a Social Learning website like no other in the cyberworld.

Review Highlights:

This website is a fabulous way to get help with difficult math problems. It also encourages others to help by rewarding them with prizes and scholarships. It allows others to gain new knowledge and skills through the helpful forum.

If you are not a great at doing math, "Your Math Guru is great place to start!" The site provides the user the opportunity to post a question at various higher levels of mathematics. While using the site I learned some of the problem solving skills needed in Trig., Calc., and using combination variables. The website straight forward use of allowing others to helps others was one thing I liked. One of the things that really works is the daily challenge word problem. Many of those who use the site were frequent visitors which showed as part of the loggers who answered questions. I also liked the easy explanation for using the site.

I like that the website provides parents a simple resource to utilize to help their children with math. So many parents feel lost and intimidated when looking at a typical math assignment. When the parent and child are confused, they often have nowhere to turn. YourMathGuru.Com gives those parents an option, and a way to muddle through math homework with some confidence.

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