Box Island
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Box Island

Ages: 8 - 12
Price: Freemium
Type: Mobile App, Game
By Radiant Games


Box Island is a beautiful mobile coding game that takes kids on an exciting adventure on the charming island. Along the way kids have to apply the basics of algorithms, pattern recognition, sequences, loops and conditionals to progress through the super fun and brainy gameplay. The game is truly unique for its beautiful 3D game world and fun story parts that keep the kids highly engaged and motivated while playing.

We set out a clear objective for the game initially; To enable kids to master the fundamentals of coding through an engaging and lively experience. The 100 levels of gameplay have been carefully crafted to ease kids into the game and take them on a journey that gradually transitions them towards mastery. By mastering the fundamentals, kids are on an ascending path towards creating amazing things with code. Box Island is the game every kid should play before taking the next step into the world of coding.

Closing the gender gap in technology is also an important issue that we wanted to support through Box Island. From the very beginning, the game was designed to be gender-neutral. The friendly characters, colorful and bright 3D game world and entertaining story parts make the experience a joy for both boys and girls.

Review Highlights:

Students used logic, problem-solving, analysis and critical thinking skills while playing the app. Student created codes to move the Box various places on the path to collect the stars.

I enjoyed the animations and the color graphics in the game. The coding was fun to do and learn initially. I also liked that there were no limits to the trial and error. I did not realize this until much later in the app. This should be something noted to the player at the beginning.

The app is a fun and powerful introduction to basic coding.

This fun and colorful app introduces children to the world of coding. Children guide their box shaped adventurer through and around obstacles to obtain three stars in each level. While playing this game children learn six fundamental coding skills: algorithmic thinking, pattern recognition, sequencing, loops, conditionals, and debugging. This colorful app was very fun and easy to play. My children, ranging in age from 7 to 12, were all able to open the app and navigate through it on their own with minimal help from me. They found the game quite fun and addictive. This was their first experience with coding and they loved it! I have two children with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia that have a lot of trouble with visual-perceptual skills, memory, and reading. They were able to play and enjoy this game as well. I believe that it was a little more of a challenge for them, but it really helped them work on and improve many skills along the way. I also love the use of the arrow pointing at the step that is currently being completed by the character in the game. This helps children to visualize how their commands are directing the character and where they may need to make changes. I also love that the game does not delete the list of commands if the child does not reach the goal for the level. This allows the child to change the list without having to start over.

This app was so fun and addictive that I found myself playing it to kill time in the waiting room at the doctor's office. It is so very cute, colorful, and easy to learn that any child would immediately enjoy it, but it gradually gets more challenging so they continue to stay interested. The great thing is that they are learning to love a valuable skill along the way.

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