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Ages: 5 and up
Price: Free
Type: Mobile App, Game
By Magnitude Educational


Flip4Gold™ is a new and exciting educational app that teaches and reinforces math skills in a fun and challenging way. The game is ideal for children aged 9 and up. Math beginners aged 5 to 8 will also enjoy the game as they can learn number recognition and practice addition in Level One with the potential to progress to higher levels as their math skills improve. Teens and adults will love the challenges too!

To protect his treasure, Quatro the Lemur King has devised a series of math challenges to protect his gold by hiding it throughout his vast island kingdom. Players strive to master each new level through their quick use of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills, strategy and luck. Earn fun and motivating badges along the way!

Review Highlights:

In Flip4Gold, players have the opportunity to practice the four basic mathematical operations. Users practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. To be successful in the game, users must also practice critical thinking and quick problem-solving.

As a parent and educator, I am thrilled to have found a way for kids to practice math facts in a FUN way. My daughter who typically hates all things math-related can't get enough of Flip4Gold. She absolutely LOVES to play. And better yet? She doesn't fully realize just how much she is learning and practicing because she's having so much fun. I love that the game is increasingly more challenging. The increasing level of difficulty keeps the game fresh for adults and older children, and pushes younger learners to really flex their mathematical muscles.

The need to use multiple math skills in a single level is genius. I love that users (especially kids) need to first add up the dice before solving the given equation. I love that the learning and math skills practice doesn't stop there! Having to add up the numbers to create the equation's answer adds another challenge and layer of learning to the game. That aspect of the game really puts your addition and quick-thinking skills to the test. Hooray for creative problem-solving!

This app is ALWAYS different due to the rolling of the dice. Progression of individual students makes it a wonderful addition to any classroom device. Students develop logical reasoning, strategy and problem-solving skills with this FUN app.

Easy, easy, easy. This app is simplicity at its best. The learning curve is quite small so that students are off and running solving math problems in seconds. There is NO distracting sound!

You can play with more than one child by rotating who does the problems. I like that you can be challenged on different levels with addition subtraction multiplication and division. As you get better at each level it unlocks and lets you move to a new level. I love that it's free!! It has no 3rd party ads and no in app purchases. It allows for creativity, logical reasoning and problem solving skills by letting you answer the problem in two different ways. For example 2 + 4=5 + 1 or you can just put 2+4=6. It gives you options and lets you be creative in the answers.

Children practice mental math skills, creativity, logical reasoning, and problem solving skills. We really enjoyed this game. As a homeschool mom I really appreciate games that my kids can play while I am working with my other children that I don't have to worry about them seeing ads, or being asked to purchase stuff.

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