Go Sequencing App
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Go Sequencing App

Ages: 4 - 9
Price: $21.99
Type: Mobile App
By Smarty Ears


Go Sequencing is an engaging way to teach the language surrounding real-world situations and the steps necessary to complete them.

Go Sequencing was created by a certified speech-language pathologist, developed by Smarty Ears Apps, and designed to assist the busy speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, and teacher. Designed to be played with as few as one and as many as five players, Go Sequencing is perfect for small group therapy or Response to Intervention (RTI). In addition, Go Sequencing allows each player to work at his or her level within the group. This multi-level ability encourages each player to learn the fundamental skills needed to improve language comprehension, narrative retell, and reading comprehension (Moss, 2005).

GoSequencing is the best app for targeting sequencing skills. It is dynamic, powerful and engaging. The app currently offers 38 sequences organized into categories: playing, mealtime, Grooming, Hygiene, Nature, Chores and miscellaneous.

All sequences can be played from three steps all the way to six steps. The levels were set up so that the child will slowly progress through the levels as they become increasingly successful. GoSequencing includes both audio and text for each step within the sequence.
There are three different activities:
1. What happens first/last? Level 1
2. Drag images to their correct places
3. Drag text to their correct place.

User can adjust the settings to meet the needs to the lesson. It is possible to play the sequence prior to letting the student drag the cards as well as after the child completes the task.

GoSequecing is by far the best app you will find for targeting sequencing skills. It includes a state of the art report center that provides data for both individual session as well as a graph of overall performance. Teachers can print the report card to share with parents or other caregivers.

This app also offers a certificate generator that teachers can print and give to the child.

Finally students will also earn rewards as the progress through their levels. Rewards are a great incentive for students to keep practicing their skills.

Review Highlights:

Using the Go Sequencing App encourages the ability to answer questions and sequence events. The stories are short and engaging and provide a visual cue to encourage understanding. I teach preschool students with special needs and this app would be extremely useful for my students who need more experience and practice in answering questions and understanding ordinal positioning as it relates to events.

I really like that the Go Sequencing App product has so many language options available. My special needs students attend a Title I elementary school and a significant percentage only speak Spanish at home. I really liked the options to individualize the program for each student. You could choose to have the story read multiple times- before and after the choice questions, and read in a different language. I really liked that the stories and questions could be read in Spanish. The stories are simple and relevant to all cultures and ages, with stories such as baking a cake or going to the bathroom and the stories depicted a variety of genders and races.

This product should probably be used as an adult and child interactive app for younger children. If a child places their whole hand in between the choices the program says "good job that is correct," even though the child really didn't make a choice. I would need to watch my students closely to make sure they could point correctly to a picture before letting them use this app independently in the classroom setting. As this app was intended as a speech therapy app and was intended for joint adult/child use, it meets the needs of the "users." I like that I could use this app to continue and add to speech therapy instruction with my students.

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