Planet Pop by ELT Songs
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Planet Pop by ELT Songs

Ages: 5 - 12
Price: From $7/month ($84/year)
Type: Audio, Video, Website
By ELT Songs


The Problem
Younger generations are becoming increasingly exposed to fast paced mobile entertainment, which has raised their expectation levels and culminated in a frequently reported reduction of their attention spans in a classroom environment. A lack of student engagement is notably one of the biggest obstacles a teacher faces and creates classroom management difficulties and potential discipline problems.

"I often dread looking at made for ELT songs and music (I actually have a degree in music and studied jazz performance) but I was really nicely surprised to see that you really were approaching well and with obviously very high production values." - Nik Peachey, Peachey Publications

Learning a second language is difficult because our brain has to construct new cognitive frameworks, which requires sustained and consistent practice. Language learning applications often fail to provide enough of the comprehensible input and meaningful interaction that foster high levels of functional language proficiency amongst their users. Consequently, English second language teachers are still dependent upon outdated and expensive textbooks in the classroom, which creates inequality for the schools that can't afford them and leads to student disengagement for the schools that can.

Our Solution
The Planet Pop language learning platform bridges the discrepancy between classroom learning and mobile entertainment by providing primary level language schools, teachers, parents and students with the resources necessary to compete against the fast-paced media content pupils have become accustomed to outside of the classroom.

The platform has been specifically designed to increase student motivation, improve concentration and to encourage multi-level participation in the classroom, at home, or on the move.

We do this by providing high quality music videos and engaging media content that encourages students to sing, dance, play games and enjoy learning a language. We provide language schools, teachers, parents and students with a web-based platform (and soon a mobile application) that delivers a unique teaching methodology - encompassing broadcast quality songs with accompanying music videos, gamification and high-quality video tutorials aligned with the Cambridge Young Learner (CYL) curriculum.

"I remember playing last year, before the summer break, a song from Planet Pop to my Year 1 students! They got thrilled with the music (catchy rhythm) and the dance moves! They took to it immediately and learnt it by heart! This year, when we got back to school...guess what?! They started singing it without any help from me!!" - Georgia M - Teacher - Greece

Our core offering, Planet Pop, specifically combats student disengagement through singing, dancing and gamification, as well as fostering critical language skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing in English.

How it Works -
Conversation Practice - Young learners can watch native language tutors speak English on specific topics. This immersive approach reinforces the content of the music for each unit.

Music Videos - Our songs are written in the styles and genres that children love and hear everywhere. Catchy tunes complement professionally-written lyrics that are aligned to the CYL curriculum. Each song provides key vocabulary and grammatical syntax in a fun way that engages young audiences and provides results.

Pronunciation Guides - We fuse listen-and-repeat methods with fun animated elements to give young learners confidence as they learn. Our native speaking tutors also demonstrate British Sign Language of key vocabulary to aid communication for the hearing impaired and to engage kinaesthetic learners.

Vocabulary Raps - Each unit has a fun and catchy vocabulary chant. Musical rhythms are combined with dance routines and key vocabulary to create entertaining listen-and-repeat actions that are fun and educational.

Grammar Tutorials - Simple grammar structures from each unit are presented as practical use examples. The students learn how to use the vocabulary and grammar from each unit in a natural way. These videos invite your children to join in on the fun and practice along with the video, boosting confidence and driving engagement.

Karaoke - The folks from Planet Pop know how awesome it is to be a Superstar, and our karaoke sections give children the opportunity to be the centre of the stage!

On top of this, we provide teachers with downloadable lesson plans, worksheets, and flashcards. See an example here in the "Downloads" section underneath the video panel:

Teachers are also able to use our resources as they see fit, depending on their classroom needs. The content can be utilised both online and in the classroom, as one teacher discusses and demonstrates here:

Or it can be used video by video to create fun learning games, as Katherine Bilsborough demonstrates here:

Being aligned to the (CYL) global curriculum guidelines makes it easy for teachers and students to navigate towards age and proficiency level appropriate classroom activities. This in turn helps to prepare students for the Cambridge A1 and A2 English exams, which are most likely going to be the most significant academic achievement of their lives to date.

Our Promise

We are committed to helping learners by providing solutions which are budget-friendly to teachers, schools, and parents, as well as being committed to backing up our platform with exceptional customer service.

On top of this, ELT Songs has committed to working with charity partners to provide free access to learners with disadvantaged circumstances.

Planet Pop will change the future of English language learning and beyond - whether inside or outside of the classroom - kids will be able to, and, most importantly, want to learn.

Review Highlights:

Using ELT songs, children learn English language skills. Children learn conversational English, vocabulary, grammatical syntax, and pronunciation. As they work to learn English, children will practice their reading, speaking, and listening skills.

I love (LOVE!) the layers of learning in each segment of the units. As an educator, I know just how important it is for kids to not only see something, but to hear it, and have the chance to put it into practice. It was phenomenal to see words and images on-screen that correlated to what was being spoken by the native speakers.

Repetition is a huge piece to learning something new. I was so impressed with the consistency used throughout the different segments - helping children attach meaning to on-screen cues. Additionally, it was wonderful to see the children have multiple opportunities to hear, see, and practice the same words and concepts throughout each unit.

I love the way the individual segments (Vocabulary Rap, Music Video, etc.) are broken up into individual videos, really allowing for flexibility and lesson personalization. Providing the individual videos allows parents and educators to easily repeat favorite portions or to repeat portions with concepts their child needs additional help with.

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