Bob Books Workbooks Pack
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Bob Books Workbook Pack

Ages: 3 - 5
Price: $9.99
Type: Book
By Bob Books Publishing, LLC


Don't miss the companion workbooks to the bestselling learn-to-read boxed sets! Millions of books have been sold in the Bob Books program thanks to its silly stories, familiar artwork, and easy-to-comprehend text. For the first time, children can now extend their reading journey into these jumbo workbooks, which feature custom content built around each Bob Books storybook.

This set includes:
BOB Books: Beginning Readers Workbook
BOB Books: Developing Readers Workbook
BOB Books: Emerging Readers Workbook

Review Highlights:

I LOVE that the workbooks coincide with specific Bob Books boxed book sets. (It is even better that the pages in the workbooks are clearly marked to indicate which book it corresponds to!) Giving children consistency not only in characters and style, but in words, sounds, and skills practiced is critical. This repetition, consistency, and predictability is key to early reading success. The workbooks work so seamlessly with the boxed book sets, allowing parents and homeschoolers to easily provide their child with a full reading curriculum.

I also appreciate that the workbooks are right in the zone of proximal development - that sweet spot for young learners. The activities and pages are challenging and engaging enough to not be boring, but doable and realistic so as not to be stressful or overwhelming. A child is going to WANT to work with these workbooks. They will feel successful.

In the Beginning Readers Workbook, young learners practice letter recognition, handwriting, letter sounds, decoding, word to picture matching, capitalization, rhyming, word families, number recognition, and beginning reading skills.

In the Emerging Readers Workbook, young learners practice sound blending (c+at), handwriting, spelling, beginning, middle, and ending sounds, sight words, sentence construction, and other emergent reading skills.

In the Developing Readers Workbook, young learners practice reading comprehension, sight words, sentence construction, conventions, word families, writing, long and short vowel sounds, blends, dipthongs, and other developing reading skills.

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