From Children's Interests to Children's Thinking
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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

Academics' Choice Smart Book Award

From Children's Interests to Children's Thinking

Ages: 3 - 5
Price: $35.00
Type: Book
By National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)


Emergent curriculum is an engaging, effective way for young children to learn and an enjoyable way for educators to teach. But planning and implementing inquiry projects based on children's interests can be a puzzling process. Find out how the cycle of inquiry described in this book makes this process more approachable.

Review Highlights:

I've spent years doing Project Based Learning (PBL) with my classes so this book was a wonderful addition to my tools I use as an educator. Although I work with kids a bit older than preschool I do believe the Cycle of Inquiry process can be adapted to many ages and classroom subjects. What I took away from the book, aside from a much deeper understanding of Emergent Learning and also practical, ready to use documents, is that fact that PBL is more of a planned and measured practice compared to Emergent Learning. Although both are inquiry based, child centered, and tend to me more engaging compared to a traditional approach in the classroom, one needs to be much more available and open to ambiguity of Emergent Learning and using the Cycle of Inquiry (COI). It is on the spot note taking and question asking, observation, and interpreting experiences in the classroom. It is a much more organic and adventurous way to approach learning - which for a teacher can be either quite scary, or freeing!

The pages are packed with how to set up an inquiry based classroom, how to plan classroom meetings, how to observe and document, interpret, and reflect on what has been learned. Although this book is more for the academically minded teacher, I think most would be able to gather some insightful ideas and concepts to bring to their students. NAEYC has produced a beautiful book that belongs on the desk of any and all teachers and school leaders. Many of us get stuck in our linear ways of designing lesson plans and this really brings home the idea that learning is a nonlinear, organic process that can be deepened by using the Cycle of Inquiry to plan your curriculum. Excellent book!

Written by professors of Early Childhood Education, From Children's Interests to Children's Thinking proves to be an inspiring book that aids educators in developing curriculum that will provoke inquiry within young minds, as well as strengthen their critical thinking skills. The guide is clearly stated, easy to follow along, and helps readers to focus on a child's mind, understand their thinking patterns, and navigate the complex process associated with creating teaching curriculum for children. This book is a valuable resource for educators who are looking for an organized guide that will help them to strengthen and advance their teaching strategies to best serve children.

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