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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

Academics' Choice Smart Book Award

Red Rhino Books (Series)

Ages: 8 - 12
Price: $7.95 each
Type: Book
By Saddleback Educational


This series of short 70-page novels was designed to engage a broad range spectrum of struggling readers. No longer will upper-elementary students have to read material junior to their maturity and interests. Characters are age appropriate and come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Books are at a first-grade reading level, while appealing to children in grades 3-6. Illustrations on each page support visual literacy and draw kids into the text.

Review Highlights:

As a mother of a son who has been resistant to reading, itís been challenging finding books that he actually enjoys reading. The Red Rhino Books have been great! Starting with "The Code," then followed by "Racer," then "The Gift," my son is thoroughly engaged in the series. The topics are high interest, touch base on moral dilemmas that school-aged children might encounter, and yet at a level that allows for a ease in reading. Originally we chose the books for a school book report, but when he finished a book in two nights, I reconsidered and decided that the books werenít challenging enough for a 5th grade book report and should be read for "fun." My son agreed.

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