Subitizing: Laying the Foundations for Number Sense
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Subitizing: Laying the Foundations for Number Sense

Ages: 5 - 8
Price: $31.67 USD ($44 AUD)
Type: Book
By Natural Maths


This book and the accompanying cards is a teacher resource to give students a start in mathematics that is now understood to be central to the development of mathematical ability. The book includes mental routines, strategy lessons, games and problematized situations that form the basis of the Natural Maths approach to teaching mathematics.

This book is designed for adults as a resource for teachers (and homeschooling parents) of kids aged 5-8.

Review Highlights:

Subitizing is 'instantly seeing how many.' Students use pattern recognition to discover essential properties of numbers. It's great for developing a fundamental understanding of arithmetic and place value, and eventually number sense. The book does a solid job of outlining activities and games for teachers to deploy using subitizing.

Subitizing is a great method for laying down foundations for number sense, grouping and counting. The book is research based and describes and explains the research behind it.

The spiral bound book is durable.

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