Centsables Education Modules
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Centsables Education Modules

Ages: 5 - 11
Price: $24.95
Type: DVD, CD, Television Series
By The Centsables


The Centsables animated television series airs each Saturday on the Fox Business Network. Paid commercials are replaced by educational Quiz Kids Segments. We packaged two episodes on dvd along with lesson plans for teachers and parents on an accompanying CD. The Centsables teach kids about money using edu-tainment.

Review Highlights:

When kids are engaged with the Centsables products they are learning to use their mathematical and critical thinking skills as they contemplate their spending choices. It's gets children thinking, is the product or service that I am purchasing a want or a need? Is the product of long-term benefit or short-term gratification? It drives home in a fun way the need to think before you purchase, which is a needed skill in this overly commercialized world in which we live.

I like the fact that the product engages kids of all levels. Even children who are not fluent readers can find something to engage their minds and help them grasp the lessons. The combination of ebooks, animation, and workbooks makes it work well. The parental materials are well done and easy to follow. Even if the parent isn't the best money-manager they can learn along with their kids. Financial literacy is something that has been neglected in the realm of basic education, so this course is very relevant.

I think that the Centsables is a well-executed program to address the deficits in our financial education. Since most of us are lacking in a solid financial education this program can be used as a family resource to strengthen money management skills for kids and parents alike.

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