AR Progressive Puzzles
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AR Progressive Puzzles

Ages: 3 - 12
Price: $7.95 (varies)
Type: Game
By Deli Group Co., Ltd.


An AR technology puzzle for scientific and advanced aesthetic education.

Advantage 1: Advanced scientific puzzles that can be played by children aged 3-7, improving step by step according to the matrix of children's ability development. Deli Genius has devoted itself to developing 7-stage AR PROGRESSIVE PUZZLES. Every 6 months is an age zone, and each stage has 2-4 pieces of pictures to choose from. The number of puzzles increases gradually with age from 2 to 252 pieces, and the difficulty gradually increases. Encourage children to explore step by step, and gradually improve children's thinking ability.

Advantage 2: Artists from 6 countries jointly draw designs to cultivate children's diverse aesthetics. Deli Genius is jointly created by well-known artists from the Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, China, Vietnam, and Spain. The products include 6 themes of animals, racing cars, oceans, dinosaurs, universe, and princesses, and develop children's artistic aesthetic thinking in multiple fields.

Advantage 3: Magic AR technology 3D interaction, immersive enlightenment. The luminous technology allows children to feel the magic of puzzles in the dark, and the matching encouragement certificates cultivate children's self-confidence at all stages.

Advantage 4: Layer-by-layer detection mechanism to ensure children's safe use. The product has passed the certification of GB6675.1-2014 "Basic Standards for Toy Safety" and GB/T28022-2011 "Guidelines for Judgment of Applicable Age of Toys", and has been tested and verified by mechanical and physical properties, chemical safety to ensure the safety of every child use .


Review Highlights:

Deli Puzzles from are fantastic for my students. These puzzles enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning skills. The variety in difficulty levels accommodates diverse learning needs, providing an engaging and educational experience. As a teacher, I appreciate how these puzzles make learning enjoyable while promoting cognitive development. Highly recommended for small group work the classroom!

These are good quality puzzles from Deli. Puzzles in general enhance cognitive skills, boost problem-solving abilities, and encourage patience. They're a valuable investment in fostering concentration and spatial reasoning through enjoyable play. I'd recommend them to others with young children.

This puzzle develops children's problem solving skills, visual perceptual skills, fine motor skills, and more. They require practicing patience, observation, and develop problem solving and analytical skills.

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