Bimbly Domino Run
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Bimbly Domino Run

Ages: 3 and up
Price: $25.00
Type: Game
By Sophiax AG


This product is a domino run that kids can place and than watch them fall in a sequence. We transformed the classical domino run application buy adding some extra gadget like wheels, slide, rotating items, balls... to add creativity and imagination to the kids using it. It's kind of a rube Goldberg application. The kit allows kit to create, learn physical reactions and dynamics, think divergently, enhance their motor skills, and enhance their problem solving skills while experimenting and having fun.


Review Highlights:

Quality product that's made to last. Great repeat playability, fun, and a wonderful alternative to SCREENS! In general, this is a fun kit that is visually and physically pleasing and offers opportunities to develop critical and creative thinking.

The individual components are pleasing to the eye and to the hand. There are a variety of ways that the domino run can be set up. When a successful run occurs it's very exciting for all present. The product can be used cooperatively, and the activity is open ended.

Fine motor skills, cause and effect, problem solving, creative thinking, and an organic introduction to physics topics including gravity and potential energy are among the skills introduced and or practiced.

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