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Ages: 8 and up
Price: $22.99
Type: Game
By ThinkFun


Create your own world with GeoLogic! Players begin with a 30-sided planet Core and 14 different biome Tiles. Each of the 60 Challenge Cards shows a different starting position for some of the biome Tiles, and players must figure out how to position the remaining Tiles in order to complete the planet's surface. A variety of environments in different shapes provide endless unique planet combinations-but each challenge has only one correct solution! Explore 60 beginner-to-expert world-building challenges with GeoLogic!


Review Highlights:

Both my kids (ages 8 and 11) have enjoyed working on this puzzle, and sometimes I join in too and enjoy it myself. They have worked on it individually as well as together. They have always loved puzzles but sometimes they are looking for something a bit more challenging compared to your standard puzzle where you just match the pieces up together, so we decided to give the GeoLogic puzzle a shot. What's great about this puzzle in particular is that it's not just one solution and done, there's dozens of levels and possibilities to keep young minds engaged.

This puzzle for ages 8 and up will challenge users as they practice spatial reasoning and build logic skills to complete each challenge. Instructions are included and easy to follow along, so kids can independently work on their puzzle. Players can select from various levels, from easy to expert, and once all 30 pieces on the face have biome tiles, they win. The puzzle with so many possibilities!

This is an interesting puzzle game that has many distinct challenges (60) and therefore many solutions, allowing for extended play. It teaches about the basic makeup of the earth and how these factors can work together in various ways.

Playing this game develops observational and perceptual skills primarily. It involves analysis and logical judgements in the perceptual-motor area as well as perceptual memory.

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