HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Software
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HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness - Sound Awareness for Reading - Home Edition

Ages: 4 - 11
Price: $69.95
Type: Software
By Super Duper Publications


HearBuilder Phonological Awareness helps children improve their phonological awareness and auditory processing skills. Increase your childrens' awareness of words, syllables, and phonemes (sounds) with this step-by-step, evidence-based program. Players earn instruments and band members to form the rock band The Phonemix while learning to segment, blend, and manipulate sounds.

Review Highlights:

After 3 weeks with this software, I saw growth in my child’s syllable blending and rhyming. He has definitely gained more awareness of words and sounds in general. 

Complex concepts for kids made fun. As a homeschooling mom and former music teacher I found the variety of games to be high quality and effective learning tools.

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