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Training Software

Ages: All Ages
Price: $60-150/month
Type: Software, Website
By ProProfs


ProProfs training software ( allows any instructor to easily administer and create online courses. The product is bundled with a learning management system to allow advanced reporting, student access control, learners portal and many other features to manager learners.

Review Highlights:

This website takes distance learning to the next level! ProProfs training software ( provides educators with a fast and easy way to create and administer online courses. The learning management system (LMS) allows instructors to manage virtual classrooms, easily identify who has completed what training, and limit student access to only certain courses - ideal for teachers and home schooling parents. The site offers many free courses, and even allows users to shop for courses through an online marketplace. Teachers can even sell their own course, set their pricing, and keep over 90% of the sale proceeds. With the service teachers can take unfriendly online content such as a PowerPoint presentation and make it available via any online device - even a mobile phone. Users can embed video or SlideShare presentations with ease (in 2-3 clicks). Creating a lesson from scratch is a snap with a web-based interface similar to Microsoft Word. Teachers can create online tests using the quiz page type or survey page type, which includes user tracking and scoring. The system even sends automated certificates and notifications. The monthly fee is also fairly priced. Plus, a free service is also available if you create open public courses! Cognitive development worldwide just got easier. I'm a less than tech-savvy adult education teacher and I highly recommend this service.

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