Toon Boom Studio
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Toon Boom Studio

Ages: 12 - 16
Price: $149.00 (Academic)
Type: Software
By Toon Boom Animation Inc.


Toon Boom Studio is a proven animation software product used by high school students to improve communication and develop strong written language skills while cultivating artistic abilities. Studio offers a unique multi-faceted tool with enormous educational possibilities for all subjects where dynamic visual illustrations support learning and retention of educational subjects.

Every educational subject starts with a story. Storytelling with Toon Boom Studio is easy. Students can quickly create animation applications for educational subjects such as geography to learn country capitals, history to study historical buildings and science for illustrating the solar system. Toon Boom Studio can support the development of any subject and pedagogic competency.

Review Highlights:

Toon Boom Studio inspires young animators and opens up a world of possibilities, serving as a springboard for student imagination and career opportunity. Teachers with experience using timeline based programs will find the software easy-to-use after a few tutorials. Students benefit from exposure to a wide variety of 2D animation techniques including hand-drawn animation and cut-out animation. Robo-Skeleton templates allow animators to make their cut-out artwork move within minutes. The laborious task is achieved within just a few clicks. Itís the only animation tool Iíve seen with such a feature. The software also offers a helpful tool for lip-syncing audio to animations. The robust tool even allows exporting animations and importing them into Adobe Flash with all layers intactóan extremely helpful feature for developers creating animation-rich software games. Toon Boom Studio is a great stepping-stone for students entering the rising 2D/3D digital animation industry and provides aspiring animators with a solid foundation in the principles of animation. Students who use Toon Boom Studio will be well-prepared for 3D programs such as 3D Studio Max and Lightwave 3D.

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