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Ages: 16 and up
Price: $720/year ($60/month)
Type: Website, Software, App
By Voxy


Voxy is an online English learning solution providing a personalized language curriculum, adaptive web and mobile technology, and best-in-class learner support.

Rather than produce instructional materials from scratch like most language-learning providers, Voxy publishes new, up-to-date lessons and activities every day with the help of its patent-pending content processing tool, Voxy Cassius™. Voxy Cassius™ allows Voxy to build a personalized curriculum at scale using exclusively authentic content—including popular music, videos, and current news articles from leading publishers—so learners study with a wide range of relevant, engaging material produced by native speakers in the real world.

Voxy uses powerful technology to adapt every course to meet learners’ needs in real time, which means lessons will automatically adjust based on personal interests, goals, proficiency level, and daily performance. Learners can also take advantage of the Voxy Proficiency Assessment™ mapped to international standards, including the TOEFL and CEFR; live, in-product private and group tutoring sessions with certified English instructors; interactive performance reports; and a fully integrated mobile app for iOS and Android.

Voxy’s blended learning program supports all proficiency levels, from very beginners to advanced learners. Voxy provides an exceptionally versatile solution for educational institutions, whether they’re looking to supplement in-person instruction, introduce cutting-edge technology into their blended learning curricula, or deliver a standalone English course.

Review Highlights:

I loved that you could pick your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, etc.), pick what you want to accomplish (Advance my Career, Enjoy English Media, Pass My English Test, Travel Abroad, Day to Day Tasks, Social & Lifestyle) and then pick your interests (Sports, Celebrities & Entertainment, Business, Technology, Health, Politics) and the program develops a personalized, adaptive course just for you!

There were great introduction videos on what to do (follow their 5 step system) and how to navigate the program, and even helpful videos in the learning support center.

As a former ESL instructor and tutor I found Voxy to be simply amazing! (Good thing I'm retired as this program may have put me out of a job). The approach makes learning/practing the English language so much more exciting, relevant, interesting and dynamic. The words you are learning and the topics through which you are learning them are truly personalized. The topics are not only designed around your interests, but they are modern, based on current events, which makes it so much more fun.

For both kids and adults this process is so much better than classic language textbooks.

The 5 step system instructs students to complete the initial assessment (what they call a VPA), 6 Lessons per week (where you build your Word Bank), 15 min. per week in the Grammar Guide, 5 Practice Lessons per week (where you learn from articles, videos, songs), and 1 group or one-on-one Tutoring Session per week (with a certified native speaker trained to help at your level). During the tutoring session you practice speaking what you have learned. This is the only time you get feedback on your pronunciation and usage, but the conversational approach works well.

Voxy offers oodles of practice using, hearing, and applying words in context. The program also allows for experiential and exploratory learning, which keeps the learning more stimulating.

As you progress the Word Bank saves the new words you have learned. You can revisit the Word Bank at anytime and hear the word and definition, see the category (noun, adjective, etc.) and see the word used in a sentence. The Word Bank allows you to filter by weak, good, strong, and excellent so you can quickly go back to words that you need more practice saying/writing. These trouble words are also re-infused into the lessons as you move forward.

Voxy works really well for beginners. Unlike many language programs, the instructions can be shown in your native language (optional feature). There is also a translate feature to learn a new word if you're stuck, but it's not recommended to use the translate feature all the time as it's not a great way to really learn the words. The idea is to submerse you in English, which Voxy does better than any other program I've ever seen.

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